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SYLA Player Policies


Attendance and Commitment Policy for Spring Travel Teams

SYLA Spring lacrosse programs offered to the 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 grade levels are fun and

competitive Travel Teams. Commitment levels are expected to be high for this travel program.

We provide professional coaching and tons of game experience. Spring is in-season for

lacrosse and players and parents are expected to make Travel Lacrosse a priority over other,

off-season sports. Players are expected to:

● Be on time for practices and games

● Be excited to play and strive to be better lacrosse players

● Work hard at practice and play hard in games

● Treat teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents with respect and good



The coaching staff expects that players show up to practices. Practices are when skills and

team concepts will be taught. The coaching staff is cognizant that conflicts can arise during the

course of the season and it is the responsibility of the player and/or parents to let the coaches

know if a player will miss a practice or game. Attendance at practices and games is mandatory

and will be tracked throughout the season. Unexcused absences or missed practices or games

will directly result in reduced playing time during games and tournaments. Please make your

team managers aware of the conflicts you have so that playing time can be administered fairly

for all players by the coaches.


RSVP Policy

Managing practices, games, and tournaments for 8 Travel teams across 6 grades is a massive

effort for the SYLA Coaches and Managers. Our website is helpful in that it allows parents

and/or players to RSVP to each event with an easy click of a button. This year we ask that you

RSVP by the deadline provided for each practice, game, or tournament. To the extent that you

do not RSVP by the deadline, your child will not be rostered for the event. If your child then

shows up for the event, his/her playing time will be impacted.


Goalie Policy

At the youth level, it is important for all players to learn to play and gain exposure to all

positions. In particular, the position of goalie is important to understand and try. All players will

share the responsibility of goalie. It will be mandatory for each player on each team to take at

least one turn, but possibly more than one turn, in the cage unless that team has a player willing

to be a dedicated goalie.


Sportsmanship & Teammate Policy

SYLA expects its players, parents, and coaches to be exhibit good sportsmanship and be good

teammates. Please refer to the SYLA Code of Conduct. All players, parents, and coaches

must abide by this code. Remember to be respectful to all those you encounter when you are

playing, cheering, or coaching for SYLA.