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Per new guidelines set by Scarsdale Rec Department, all SYLA Coaches (volunteer and paid) are required to partake in a background check.  

SYLA has partnered with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to confidentially and securely administer all background checks.  All costs associated with the background check will be paid directly by SYLA.

Your background check will last two years.

Coaches will not be allowed to step on the field without completion of this background check.  As it can take up to two weeks, we suggest you commence the process today.


1. Click the Register button and Login to SYLA.  If you do not have a Login, create one.

2. Review your personal information, make any changes, and click submit

3. Click "Continue"  where it states you will need to do a background check

4. You will now be redirected to the NCSI secure website

5. Background check commences. You will be asked the following:

    - Information on Name, SSN, DOB, Home Address

    - Option to upload a copy of ID (passport, License, etc).  This is not required, but it may be asked for later via email after initial screen.

   - Ten Yes / No questions about crimes

   - You will asked to electronically sign 3 different times…basically agreeing to the screening 

6. Last step is processing payment made by SYLA.  This happens behind the scenes and takes about 25 seconds.

8.  You are done.  You may clock the link to return to SYLA website, but that is optional. NCSI may follow up with you directly via email should they require additional information.


Contact if you have any questions or concerns.